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2015 Ban on Food Waste

What do you do with your food waste?

Metro Vancouver’s food waste disposal ban begins in 2015

All organic material (e.g., fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, baked goods, processed and packaged foods, dairy, napkins, paper towels, paper food containers, food-soiled paper, wooden chopsticks, etc.) will have to be:

We’d like to help you!

Help us understand how small food retailers currently handle food waste and identify any issues that might make it hard for you to comply with the disposal ban. We want to help small food retailers prepare for the upcoming ban. You can:

  1. Let us know how you currently deal with food waste. Call us or take our brief online survey at
  2. Sign up for a free waste consultation and give us your input on programs/services. Call or email us to set up a time and day that works best for you.

Contact: Joanna Clark,, (604) 688-9769, ext. 148

For more information on the Metro Vancouver 2015 food waste disposal ban, please visit: