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Paint the Drive

With the second largest inventory of heritage commercial buildings in the city, we have a great opportunity to give this architectural treasure the cosmetic treatment it deserves.

We've had a preliminary meeting with Donald Luxton, a Director of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, and the Chair of the True Colours Subcommittee. Donald is also a heritage consultant who specializes in commercial and institutional building restoration, and has worked on many commercial revitalization projects in Vancouver, New Westminster and on Vancouver Island.

True Colours has undertaken a great deal of research that is relevant to our situation. As Donald says, "The buildings of Commercial Drive are an important heritage resource, and their appropriate rehabilitation would be an important initiative."

We have reviewed a number of historic colour and building restoration projects and are currently researching paint suppliers, contractors and sources of funding to initiate this project. If you own a building on the Drive and are interested in participating, please call: T: 604.251.2884, F: 604.251.2899 or email us