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Georgia Straight: Best of Vancouver 2004

The results of the Georgia Straight's 2004 "Best of Vancouver" edition are in and Commercial Drive does very nicely in this annual contest. And the winners are...

Best Neighbourhood
Commercial Drive

Best novelty store
Urban Empire 1108 Commercial Drive

Best Consignment Clothing Store
Amazingly Mecca “before it burned down”. This store is so good, it wins even while it’s in the renovations post fire stage!

Best Antique Store
Attic Treasures 944 Commercial Drive is #2 and tied for #3 is The Peg 1003 Commercial Drive

Best Kitchen Shop
Kitchen Corner is #3

Best Sex Toy Store
Womyns’ Ware 896 Commercial Drive (again, and again, and again)

Best Tattoo Studio
#2 is Electro-LadyLux 876 Commercial Drive

Best Supplement Store
A smart alec answer but ... “Magpie Magazines. There are very interesting supplements to the magazines.

Best Place to Take Tourists
“Any where but stupid Commercial Drive. I just want one night’s sleep. Go be loud somewhere else.” Apparently, there may be too many tourists on the Drive!

Best Local Microbrewery
Best goes to Dan’s Home Brewing Supplies, 310 Commercial Drive and #2 is Storm Brewing U-Brew

Best Specialty Bread Shop
#3 is Uprising Breads Bakery 1697 Venables Street

Best Pastry Shop
Fratelli Authentic Italian Baking 1795 Commercial Drive is #3

Best Place to Eat Meat
#1 with a bullet Memphis Blues Barbecue House 1342 Commercial Drive

Best Local Arts Stage Venue
Vancouver East Cultural Centre 1895 Venables Street is #2

Best Of Vancouver Readers Choice
Best sign of a police force out of control-and the reporters who love it, the Da Kine bust, commenting on how 40 police halting traffic for several hours over several blocks during rush hour (even foot traffic was halted) was overkill for a marijuana cafe that had issued a press release and openingly advertised it’s intentions - basically handing the police a simple, discrete arrest opportunity as a test case of the narcotic laws.

Best spot for reel memories
The Van East Cinema 2290 Commercial Drive and the RAJA Cinema 639 Commercial Drive manifest the best in single-screen neighbourhood theatre.

Quietest haircut
Tino’s Barber and Stylist 1836 Commercial Drive. An unimposing storefront says it all; ”Have nice short haircut. You will look better. Best haircut. Best Price. Next Door.” This single chair barbering establishment offers a Zen like calm with no obligation to engage in pointless nattering.

Best trip to El Salvador
Rinconcito Salvadoreno Restaurant 2026 Commercial Drive full of Salvadoran expats, a civic treasure waiting to gently steer you away from standard fare, with decor that is pure Central American back street.

Best West Side dining at an East End price
The Green Grape Restaurant 2779 Commercial Drive tucked away with low prices and exceptional nosh, with fancy little extras and artful presentation. One of the rare establishments where you can tell that the owners really care about food.

Best dine and dance
Federico’s Super Club 1728 Commercial Drive, where the entertainment is hilarious and wonderful! Be sure to seek out Americo if you like to dance!

Best potential hipster hangout
Princeton Pub 7R-1901 Powell Street (foot of Commercial Drive on the docks!). The perfect hideaway for anyone looking for cheap drinks, convivial atmosphere, and rotating bar stools. Meat draws every Friday!

Best ethnic restaurant
Pondok Indonesia 2781 Commercial Drive. Grab a server and ask to take gustatory chances.

Best place to eat meat
Memphis Blues Barbecue House 1342 Commercial Drive (four different food writers picked it!) An affinity for succulent, smoky barbecue. Mm-mmm.

Best BC Beer
Storm Brewing Hurricane IPA, made on Commercial Drive.

Congratulations everyone! Commercial Drive truly is Vancouver's expressive edge!